Channel K is the cool PCO / DMC in Korea.


Why Channel K?


We create solutions based on your logistical requirements for meetings, incentives, conferences, product launches and events.   We listen, define your needs, and then work clearly with you realize your vision. 

We oversee a successful execution of your project in Korea, ensuring you get the result you want.


From now on, your success story will be with channel K.

Why Channel K?


We have teamed up with professional staffs to provide the best solutions to our clients on their needs for the successful business as their partner.


Channel K foresees for all MICE with our experiences as we are working and make the projects with their unique and creative ways for their own businesses independently.


We make our best effort to provide the positive values and influences to the society thru our unique creativities. At the same time, we are also trying our best to develop optimistic company values and provide the best services with the both sustainable and creative solutions considering the values of our society.

Why Channel K?


Our staffs and teams are all intimately connected and united working together, and Channel K is developing growth every moments with our extraordinary creative staffs, who have the MICE DNA, and their teams, which power the company.

- Stable operations and long lasting relationships

- Excellent planning and implementation

- Prompt feedbacks and verified simulations

Channel K staffs always think and look at perspectives of our clients.

We, also, would like to look at the matters in new ways and share the discovered surprises as the presents with our society and clients.