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DMC Services

Channel K is the creative group Influence over MICE!

We dream of your Happiness.

We provide innovative and easy-to-follow services, like a line pricing format to understand and revise promptly and floor plans to show event composition.
Once the show design is completed and confirmed, we make a seamless production schedule that includes vendors, products, setup, and any requirements.
We confirm with the venue that all requirements are fulfilled.

We check everything in advance and conduct a walkthrough with our clients and cooperative companies, to review show flow and to confirm all details.
We also take on specific one-off projects or interim roles to support tourism and hospitality businesses.
Here's a taster of some of the areas where we had successful events and can offer clients support and advice. We can cover various events in South Korea with our partner companies. Please contact us if you have any interest in events and business in South Korea.

DMC Services

Theme Décor & Entertainment




Team Building

Off-site Event

Hospitality Staff

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